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JOURNAL: Some actionable information on rising sea levels

July 13, 2017 - 23:28 -- Admin

It's a pretty good bet we're going to see a rise in sea levels (we already have).   Here's a good report by the Union of Concerned Scientists with some much needed detail on how it will impact us.

How it will do damage:  Rising sea levels will have its greatest impact in terms of chronic tidal flooding.  Basically, every couple of years, the first floor of your house is filled with seawater destroying everything.

Chronic high tied

Where will chronic flooding occur?  Three maps.  The first one is an intermediate scenario for 2035 (less than 20 years out) and second is one for 2060.


Expected by 2035

Note that the impact by 2035 is mostly in four areas (DE, FL, LA, and NC).    By 2060, that damage deepens and expands considerably.  It turns almost all of the eastern (including NYC and Boston) and southern coasts into chronic tidal flood zones. 

Inundated 2060
Expected by 2060

Here's the last.  2100.  Note that even by 2100 chronic tidal flooding is largely a eastern/southern coast problem.  The West coast does relatively well.  

Expected by 2100

Hope this actionable information helps you make better decisions (or at a minimum, let's you effectively process the news this situation will produce).  

John Robb