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Last Days of July

August 3, 2017 - 03:05 -- Admin

I was walking a few kilometers every day. I thought I was going OK. Dexter and Hannah express disappointment if I do not take them out. Then I was undermined what I thought at the time would be a critical injury. I seemed to tear my knee and the muscles. I had difficulty getting out of a chair. The remedy, after going to the doctor was, simple and almost immediately effective. The application of anti-inflammatory gel worked almost immediately.

Subjective opinions do not work with climate. As was the case last year, July was the hottest on record. I thought it was the coldest July, I could remember. Now that winter is mostly over, we will have to start thinking about summer and the prospect for bushfires. Not only has the grass not been cut, by the responsible State Government agency – probably to save money and they have a lot of property to maintain – but I noticed a cigarette butt. I can upset about people littering the environment.

I notice that Tom Despatch relates the facts of Earth Overshoot Day, quoting Patrick Scott in The Daily Telegraph:

“Today marks Earth Overshoot Day – the day by which the human race will have used more of Earth’s natural resources than the planet can renew in the whole year. Put simply, we use more ecological resources and services than nature can regenerate and this puts the Earth on an unsustainable trajectory.
“Through overfishing, overharvesting forests, and emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than forests can sequester, humans are demanding more from the earth than it can produce.

“Every natural resource that we use from this day – 2 August – onwards is in effect unsustainable in the long term. Over the course of a year we use 170 per cent of the world’s natural output.

“Earth Overshoot Day comes far earlier in the year than it did a decade ago when we used just 144 per cent of the Earth’s biocapacity. However, this is still double the 78 per cent that was used in 1963.

“Currently, carbon emissions make up 60 per cent of humanity’s Ecological Footprint. If carbon emissions were cut in half, the date of Earth Overshoot Day would be pushed back by 89 days, or about three months…”

A polical system that cannot fully and appropriately address and act on an existential crisis is both dysfunctional and corrupt. Why are we so disccnnected from reality?

Never mind the geographic dislocation, the music by Silent Partner is Tucson. Whether we realize it not, we all are stepping towards our final curtain. Dexter and Hannah seem to enjoying their time:

The explanation for the death of Dr G is a story worth pursuing. Here he sings Bapa: