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Surge in water consumption prompts call from Clarence Valley Council for people to be careful with their water use

October 3, 2017 - 00:16 -- Admin

Clarence Valley Council, media release, 27 September 2017:Clarence residents urged to be water wiseA surge in water consumption has prompted a call from the Clarence Valley Council for people to be careful with their water use.The council’s general manager, Ashley Lindsay, said figures for the same date for each of the past four years showed how much water people were using this Spring.“On September 25, 2014, we consumed 12 megalitres,“ he said.“On September 25, 2015 we used 14 megalitres, on that date in 2016 we used 15 megalitres, but on September 25 this year – Monday – we used 25 megalitres.“That is more than double the consumption we had in 2014.“All we are asking is for people to be mindful of their consumption. Our field staff has noticed a lot of residential properties where sprinklers are being used during the day, contrary to the permanent level one water conservation measures we have in place.“We’ve printed a notice that is being dropped into letterboxes of the residences involved.”Level one water restrictions are:# Residential gardens - Fixed hoses and sprinklers are BANNED between 9am and 4pm. Norestriction on hand-held hoses or water efficient micro sprinklers.# Car washing - No restriction. Do not leave hose running, consider using a trigger nozzle.# Washing of driveways and paved areas - No restriction. Sweeping and other dry methods areencouraged. If a hose is required, please use a pressure cleaner.# Swimming pools - No restriction. Consider a cover to reduce evaporation and minimal toppingup.# All sports grounds (including public parks and gardens, school grounds), commercialoperations, industry, nurseries, orchards etc. - No restriction. Reduce evaporation by avoidingwatering in the heat or middle of the day and on windy days.# All other essential water use associated with commercial and industry operations - Norestriction. Businesses should follow water-efficient practices and minimise water use, respectingthe restrictions that apply to the general community, as outlined above.Copy of a card being dropped into the letterboxes of residents who have been using sprinklers outside of the recommended times.