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Sound and Fury for What?

October 6, 2017 - 01:15 -- Admin

We have been afflicted with the Postal Survey. While I duly posted the envelopes and forms, I had no dealing with the opinion they carried – although I have a reliable advice of what that was.

Some weeks later, we had delivered to our letterbox the condensation of the argument for the No case from a group called Coalition for Marriage. They suggest support the No case “to protect your freedoms”.

Their case is as follows:

  •  Impact on Schools. Saying yes to gay marriage means saying yes to radical gay sex education.
  • Impact on Free Speech. Political correctness will be weaponized and used to shut down free speech.
  • Impact on Religion. Activists will use anti-discrimination laws to prevent churches, charities and schools from teaching or operating  in accordance with their beliefs.

A distillation of  half considered and tendentious conclusions without reference to any evidence. The most evident observation is these concerns is that simply do not address the question of justice or equality in relation to the legal rights and privileges of civil marriage.

Father Frank Brennan has a few comments:

My view was the High Court should have stopped the whole senseless and costly process. Is this level of discussion worth the 122 million dollars the exercise cost?