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Barnaby Joyce has hogged the headlines for 11 days in a row and on every one of them Sydney's Daily Telegraph has led the way

February 17, 2018 - 00:32 -- Admin

In 65 years in journalism the Owl cannot remember a political story that has dominated the news for so long as the current Barnaby Joyce affair. It is a yarn that has something for everyone. There's a dash of cheerful smut, a sprinkling of rorting to accompany the rooting and now the excitement of a government on the brink of collapse. Who could ask for anything more.And leading the way in bringing this yarn to the masses has been Sydney's Daily Telegraph.

Does the job need Barnaby? No. Barnaby needs the job

February 15, 2018 - 18:12 -- Admin

It is not a matter of the job needing Barnaby Joyce, it is Barnaby Joyce needing the job. Clearly the Deputy Prime Minister is not intending to move anywhere. He will cop the humiliation of being passed over for the honour of acting as the real Prime Minister. He will fight to the very last to keep what he's got.Which is not strange really. The man now has two families to support with a property settlement not far away.