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A New England update as Barnaby Joyce dodges debates and public forums along with links to other interesting news and views

November 14, 2017 - 21:42 -- Admin

Barnaby Joyce refuses to do debates and public forums in build up to 2017 New England byelection - Northern Leader

Labor will hold an NBN forum in Tamworth on Thursday night, but don’t expect Nationals’ candidate Barnaby Joyce to be there – or at any public debates.A senior Nationals member of Mr Joyce’s campaign team confirmed the former deputy prime minister would not be participating in any public forums or debates, due to the number of “out-of-towner” candidates.“If they are serious about the election, which we don’t think they are, they will be up here campaigning all the time, not just for these one off events,” he said.“Instead, Mr Joyce will be hitting the road and talking to voters on their terms, because he’s far more interested listening to voter concerns, than the views of out of towners.”

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Methane leaks in New Mexico's oil and gas industry equal 12 coal-fired power plants.

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How the president undermines Republicans’ traditional economic arguments.

Mafia at the movies - Times Literary Sjupplement

Federico Varese considers the criminal world where life comes to imitate art

Sheep can recognise celebrities from photographs, says amusing study with serious potential - The ConversationMultinationals are using a new structure to avoid tax in Ireland - Irish Times

'Single Malt’ is a tax avoidance measure being used by firms in place of the ‘Double Irish’. ... Essentially, where Double Irish saw income – such as royalty fees on intellectual property (IP) – transferred to Caribbean tax havens, the Single Malt directs profits to countries with which Ireland has a double taxation agreement but which do not have any corporation tax. These include the likes of Malta and the United Arab Emirates.