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November 15, 2017 - 07:50 -- Admin

I write a weekly column for Independent Australia. To keep it, and my column, going, please consider subscribing.

Here is what David Donovan, the editor, says:

The website I created in 2010, Independent Australia, is something of which I am very proud. It has had a number of national scoops, is now a member of the Australian Press Council, the Canberra Press Gallery and is an unquestioned source of truth in an increasingly fact free world. 

How? Because we reference every one of our factual claims to ensure you can check them instantly.

We are progressive, which makes us enemies, but nevertheless we fearlessly question power and hold it to account; We never stop. We never waver.

IA has 1,241 subscribers. This is 5/8 of what we need to be truly viable. 

I run IA and do my job for $0.

No-one at IA has a good salary, but we do good work. Important work.

Even if you may not agree with every story we do, please subscribe to IA. 

Please. It is very important not just to me, but to help remedy our country’s rapidly shrinking media diversity.

We need 2,000 subscribers to be truly viable. Please be one of them…
… or we might just disappear.


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