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While Malcolm warns the Chinese in pidgin mandarin, singalong to "I Like Chinese"

December 10, 2017 - 09:56 -- Admin

While Malcom warns off the Chinese in pidgin mandarin, we in the suburbs continue to singalong while still offering a lychee branch of friendship.

From The Australian:

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has doubled down on his criticism of the Chinese interfering in domestic politics, while insisting the communist leadership will respect his tough talk.Mr Turnbull said he wasn’t intimidated by Beijing expressing “strong dissatisfaction” over his remarks earlier this week about foreign interference. He spoke Mandarin when noting China was founded in 1949 with the words “the Chinese people have stood up”.“It was an assertion of sovereignty, it was an assertion of pride,” the Prime Minister told reporters in Sydney on Saturday.“And so we say ‘the Australian people stand up’.” Mr Turnbull this week in parliament cited “disturbing reports about Chinese influence”, but he was blunter on Saturday.