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The December Global Guerrillas Report and Podcast are UP!

January 1, 2018 - 09:03 -- Admin

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The December Global Guerrillas Report:  Weaponized Social Networks is now available. 

It takes a hard look at the politicized social networks that overran the US political system last year and what that could mean down the road. 

It was hard to write given the newness of the topic, but I think it paid off nicely.  It should provide you with a solid framework for making sense of the political chaos that looms in the years ahead

Here are a snippet:


Also, I just posted the December 2017 Global Guerrillas Podcast

In it, I talk with David Patrikarakos about his new book “War in 140 Characters” and about how social networking is becoming decisive in the wars of the 21st Century (much more so than cyberwarfare).

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Hope you enjoy the report and the podcast.  

John Robb