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Recumbent bike

January 10, 2018 - 21:35 -- Admin

I went past a man with a recumbent bike. He was in the middle of a phone call. He looked like Booger from Revenge of the Nerds only with a bike helmet and shades. His t-shirt said "Incontinental"—either that pun name or the actual hotel chain. Either way the thing was he was standing.If you have a recumbent bike why would you stand to take or make a call? It makes no sense. But then my body and that style of bike would not work so it makes no sense to me how you use it. I did another lake ride, Dark Side of the Moon playing on my old Sony Mp3, with bird song intermingling. I flitted between power assist at level two and level three, choosing the higher (and easier) setting for the final stretch home. The last time I did it I did it either without power or risking electrocution when it seemed dry enough after being caught in a storm. It was joyful compared to the brutal slog of the lake attempt before and a reminder that shitty experiences make you appreciate the good ones even more. WFTW.