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Songs for the Band Unformed

January 12, 2018 - 11:49 -- Admin

Songs For The Band Unformed (signed copy) - a book of poetry by John Passant

You can buy signed copies of Songs for the Band Unformed, my first book of poetry, via the Independent Australia Online Store. As that site says:


John Passant released his first book of poetry, Songs for the Band Unformed (Ginninderra Press 2016).


The poems are a mix of the personal and the political. The usual terrors of love and desire, of self-doubt, of longing, and of joy and happiness, find expression here. So too does Passant’s horror with much of the world today, with its barbarity, its wars, its monetary and spiritual poverty, and its cruelty. As Tom Griffiths from the University of Newcastle says: This is a collection of work for our times, sometimes bleak, hard, gritty, but indignant, mobilising and marching against the bombs and profits of injustice.’ The Awesome’s singer songwriter Mili Cifali calls it ”…a sublime collection of poetry, allowing us to reflect on humanity, in its nakedness, tenderness and brutality…’


Buy a signed copy. Cost includes postage within Australia. Please contact Independent Australia for overseas shipping details.