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A reader criticises the Owl and suggests Ms Gina Rinehart might provide a solution to Barnaby Joyce's welfare

February 12, 2018 - 01:01 -- Admin

The Owl, Sadly your well meaning suggestion that Barnaby seeks psychiatric help will solve absolutely nothing in the short term.If you are genuinely concerned as to his welfare, why don’t you “discuss” his appointment as special advisor (rural affairs) to his professional colleague and friend Ms Gina Rinehart asap. I am assured she can easily find the $400,000 a year which would be a bargain for what he could bring to the vast investments she has recently made in Australian primary industries especially cattle.If you were a punting journalist, and thankfully you are neither, you could write that the phone call has already been made.It would be a professional marriage made in heaven (or wherever the contract documents are signed) and if you are fair dinkum as to your concerns as to Barnaby’s mental and financial health you should put forward this possible breaking news as a matter of urgency in what could be a highly read edition of the prestigious Owl,                                                                                           Yours etc.,                                                                                            Andrew of Adelaide.