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An update on the Sydney Tele's great Barnaby Joyce coverage

February 18, 2018 - 11:47 -- Admin

An update on the Owl's coverage of the way the Sydney Tele has been leading the way on the Barnaby Joyce story.It's still on page one this morning for the 12th consecutive day.And here are some of the gems from inside.Annika Smethurst, National Politics Editor:

EMBATTLED Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce is refusing to step aside despite being called to Sydney yesterday for an emergency summit with the Prime Minister. Malcolm Turnbull emerged from the crisis talks “frustrated that Barnaby still doesn’t get it”, according to senior sources.

A GROUP of National Party MPs secretly discussed a plot on the messaging service WhatsApp to try to oust embattled leader Barnaby Joyce this week.And the Nati o na l s are still considering a coup, with Veterans Affairs Minister Michael McCormack refusing to rule himself out when asked.

Miranda Devine, columnist:

Suddenly everyone is a libertarian, sneering about “bedroom police”. Even the most prominent proponent of the sanctity of marriage, such as Liberal backbencher Kevin Andrews, couldn’t bring himself to support the PM’s principled stand, instead laughably demanding he cancel his meeting with US President Donald Trump to deal with Joyce.Well the fact is, the PM had already dealt with Joyce, very effectively.

Piers Akerman, columnist

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull will have to skip his visit to the US this week if he wants to save the Coalition and his government.The crisis created by what should have been a private family breakdown in the wake of National Party leader Barnaby Joyce’s affair with staffer Vikki Campion has broadened into all-out civil war.Joyce’s unfaithfulness to his wife Natalie is not admirable but the virtue-signalling sanctimonious preaching from Turnbull was over-the-top — nauseating, actually — and undoubtedly designed to play to the frenzied feminists who have weaponised the #metoo crusade since it emerged in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal late last year.That campaign, which sought to expose sexual predators in the workplace, has now morphed into a virulent antimale movement.Turnbull has pandered, again, to the politics of the softleft as he scrambles to ascend to the moral high ground.

Peta Credlin, Sky News presenter

The Barnaby Joyce imbroglio has moved beyond the matter of the Deputy Prime Minister’s moral character, following an admitted, messy and badly managed affair with a former staffer, to a crisis that’s engulfing the Coalition relationship and threatening the Turnbull government.Barnaby Joyce might have lit the fire with his personal behaviour in recent months, but it was the Prime Minister who threw petrol on it when he strode out on Thursday and delivered a well-planned rebuke designed to elevate his moral standing at the expense of his deputy. ... Malcolm Turnbull always goes too far. He climbs up too high, he allows his ego to cloud what little political nous he has and when he fears he’s being judged for the failures of others, his glass jaw is evident and his over-reaction has deadly consequences.

Annette Sharp, columnist

... an unrestrained member can destroy decades of hard work.Case in point, the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, a man at the mercy of his own rogue manhood who now finds himself clinging to the wreck of his life after blowing up his marriage, his family, his reputation and probably the careers of both he and his girlfriend Vikki Campion and all for love — or love of nookie.Despite his high office, Joyce is merely the latest Australian titan to be accused of engaging in a sexually inappropriate workplace relationship.