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Genius art guy

October 26, 2017 - 09:34 -- Admin

I should do a little gallery one day of all the art work I've had done for me by Will Heavey. I found him via 99 Designs and was so pleased with the early stuff he did for me that I just kept commissioning him. I should really get a few fallback designers for when he gets too busy and famous for me, but the whole process is so easy with Will that I can never quite bring myself to send the work anywhere else.

His latest cover is a great example.

A couple of years ago I wrote a novella for Steve Stirling's anthology The Change. Took Fifi, Jules and Pete, moved them out of the Disappearance storyline, and into Steve's Emberverse. It worked really well.

Decent fellow that he is, Lord Stirling had no probs with me eventually self publishing the story as a standalone. The question of cover art arose and I asked Will if he could give me something that spoke in the design language of Steve's series, while being something all of its own.

I think he did well.

Behold, Fifi, Pete and Jules in the cannibal realm of Sydney.

Most of you will have had the email about the book's release. But if you haven't, it's on sale for 99c for a couple of days.