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logic Mikey says no plans

March 11, 2018 - 18:31 -- Admin

logic Mikey—the one who is normally in charge—has to deal with mentally ill Mikey and mentally ill Mikey has to listen to logic Mikey. logic Mikey had a bad day yesterday; it should have been glorious but it was a bad, steaming heap of shit. mentally ill Mikey battled logic Mikey for supremacy of being until logic Mikey said "a week". "Don't plan anything, presume anything, don't do anything for a week."I've lived my life like a bellows—contraction, inflation, contraction—and it's taken a toll as time-frames went from months to hours, sometimes minutes It was mind melting—but I got through to hand off. Now logic Mikey has said "turn your brain off for a week; no plans, nothing". It's hard to do that when you're mentally ill, to tell future you not to think for a week but logic Mikey realises mentally ill Mikey needs a break and has ordered it. No "And now!"; No"I could!" A week off.I'm thinking of it as a cold re-boot for the brain. The toil has been brain hurty and now to no hurty.No plans, nothing. past Mikey earned it. I still can't believe he got through it. That past Mikey is something else; I wish I was as strong as him.