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Kids today and their terrible musical choices. I tells ya

April 18, 2018 - 19:09 -- Admin

... Although it"s not so much the music as the box it comes out of. I just sat and suffered through some terrible song Thomas was playing on his iPhone speaker as he cleaned up the kitchen.

It might have been punishment, for making him clean up the kitchen, but I think probably not. I"ve noticed both kids, and all their friends seem perfectly comfortable playing their music loud though phone speakers that really weren"t meant for broadcast.

They do this even when there"s a nasty cheap ass Echo a few feet away that would still sound a helluva lot better than that tinny phone, they go the phone.

I didn"t think taking the time to plug into a stand alone speaker, or hook up to a bluetooth box was an old man thing, but apparently it is. Because of my little problem (I can"t stop buying headphones and speakers) we have an embarrassing number of options for play thru all over the house.

But no. Both kids prefer to just flick on the phone and jack up the volume.

Where have I gone wrong?