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Once More October is Over

November 6, 2017 - 21:44 -- Admin

As November gets underway, looking back at October and the months before, it is hard to remember how dry it was. Now we have teeming rain, hail, thunder and lightning and the grass is green.

Historically October was memorable. It marked respectively the 500 th anniversary of Martin Luther’s  95 theses on the door of Wittenberg, first in Latin and then in German. Quite a shift presuming that the reading groups leaders could read German. How did that happen?  Martin by that time translated the New Testament from Greek to  German. Now that is quite a feat. Then it seems Martin’s main contention related to the sale of indulgences by the clergy. How did indulgences, and for that matter the society at large, become monetarized? And then there was printing that made a difference since the Church could not monopolize it. Nor it seems could retain its monopoly over civil authorities.

Who know why the East, was insulated from the disruptive influence of the circulation of American gold? So the emergence an triumph of the Bolsheviks seemes to be an unintended consequence of the First World, the short term fix that extended beyond the conception of its originators.

Dexter and Hannah have no mind for historical context. Their expectation is to go out, if not everyday at least on most days. It must have been the hand of fate that for the past week this was not done. Dogs have a strong social intent. I was not aware enough. I thought I was okay. By falling on my thigh. I has caused internal bleeding with swelling but without external bleeding. I had to then take it easy. This I think was more than an excuse: it was the best course to take.

Still, we did get some photos during the month. To make it easier I based them on the day of my injury. The accompliment is Kevin McLead, “Drankin Song”:

Since Pink Floyd was voted down, and because the issue is current, I have opted for Shaking the Tree. How time have changed – Malcolm sounds measured and reasonable: