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2018: “How Are You?”

January 18, 2018 - 03:28 -- Admin

There has been a lapse of two months. The photos overwelm me. There is just too many of them. This video I am posting was created through Microsoft. It is far from a consciousness effort, but hopefully to those few who may be interested, it may have some value.

It is hard to believe that we are over half way through January. Much of the photos are strikingly the same, from day to day. So a randomized approach is probably a good idea.The thing is I seemed to have lost many photos for most of November and December.

Before Christmas I saw a bird with which I was unfamiliar. I thought perhaps Christmas dinner had got away. I came upon a Brush-turkey, a native bird.As Wikipedia points out:

Despite its name and their superficial similarities, the bird is not closely related to American turkeys, nor to the Australian bustard, which is also known as the bush turkey. Its closest relatives are the wattled brushturkey, Waigeo brushturkey and malleefowl.”

The other observation concerns the Cicadas. They seemed to have quitened down now. I could not hear anything else.

I hate to hear news that bushfires are more likely. Daily weather is difficult enought to pick. One moment there is clear blue sky without clouds and thirty minutes later it was raining, fortunately not heavily and looking up the sky was overcast. In this instance the Bureau of Meteorology’s forecast was correct. Who would have realized that we have experienced the hottest winter on record in Australia, which is large area, within which there are doubtless variations. Up until anyone can credibly disproved, the public good and public policy must address it

Here is the video with my apologies:

The “How are you” is inspired by this Steve Goodman song, sung by Arlo Guthie. Anyone who has been on a long train trip can, I believe, relate to the lyrics – although they are specific to the trip between Chicago and New Orleans: