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Tomes re-opened

May 21, 2018 - 18:36 -- Admin

In every attempt to delve into the horrors of Cthulhu mythos there's likely someone you missed the first time round. You may have to do a re-read; make another roll to research it right. Then take a whack to your Sanity percentage. Once you're at zero per cent your player character is now a non-player character which the game master will decide to use as they wish.I had to deep dive in to correct some things then found another set of books under a shelf I missed and cracked those open. It wasn't quite "Open the Ark of the Covenant" scary—no Gestapo-face melting for me. But I was two hours in before I got out and had to leave the shed where I worked because I was so worked up.I took two V and went on an outside ride with a saggy chain that came off seven times. I had to walk the trike more than once when the electric motor could not carry me alone. At one point I was scooting with the tips of my crocs with just enough power for a slow walk. That ended with me getting off and pushing it. So tomes re-opened and some more found. Two hours in then I fucked off for a ride knowing that my chain would come off and accepting that would be true. Seven times. I counted. I didn't have a fit or chunk a mental about it; thanks to CBT, pre-acceptance and the letter V (x2). My return home was semi-amusing, difficulty of the end part and all. I arrived home on the thinnest of power left. It felt like a quest and I had kicked snot.The beauty of the day stole my mind from the horror and my worries about travel took over from any thoughts of research re-researched. So happy and annoyed is not a bad result after being in the mental health equivalent of an MRAP that took a copper-headed IED which hits at three kilometres a second. I'm rattled but not mega-rattled. The MRAP's fucked, though. They typically are. But they do their job which is to keep a crew alive when someone tries to kill them that way. CBT is my MRAP and it saved me again. WFTW.