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Two chemtrails and a waxing moon

May 23, 2018 - 16:52 -- Admin

It was a clear mid-afternoon when I set out and I came back in the hour before dusk where all is in stark relief, shadows stretching. The sky held a waxing moon and though the first chemtrail wasn't headed in the direction it felt for a moment I was in the twenty-first century the twentieth envisioned with rockets to the moon—a moon where you could see the shadow of the full sphere. Then another trail, another rocket taking flight.I was pumped for being outside on a grotesquely beautiful Canberra day and the trike chain only came off twice. I had happy jitters—if that's a thing—so it took five minutes each time to get the chain back on. But, fucking hell, it was so nice and even though squatting with a big tum is never fun once it was done it was okay. When you spend a life locked in a body that feels sometimes a prison it's days like this where you feel free.WFTW.