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Forgot about the head wound

May 23, 2018 - 18:05 -- Admin

I bent to gather skin shards from the carpet from my juddering attempts to stop picking my feet now I've stopped going at my face---the habit just went somewhere it cannot be seen.As I stood up my right forehead crunched into a projecting cupboard edge.It felt as it it had impaled my head in the second it happened but it was just an ouch and no blood. I looked in the mirror but couldn't see damage.So I forgot about it until I happened to touch the spot and felt the egg and scratch I got from the attack. It throbbed for a bit.Stupid me. I pick my feet and then clock myself in the noggin; broken brain leads to a semi-rent scalp. It's head on head action for me.If this is a simulation I want my money back.