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Our world is coming

June 2, 2018 - 06:22 -- Admin

Our world is coming

I am a socialist of the heart
The heart?
My heart

I have read Marx and Engels
Lenin and Trotsky
And Luxemburg

And those who follow in their footsteps
Their slow, winding steps,
To the Cliff of revolution

Away and to
From and to
Always to

Never reaching to
Sometimes close
Sometimes …

1917, 53, 56, 68
Ah 68 here and there
I am alive

And 89 to 91
The lies fall
The wall torn down

The people breathe
The still polluted air
Let’s start afresh

China’s workers awakening? When?
The rest of Asia’s, when?

America’s, when?
Europe’s, when?
The Middle East’s, when?

And the island
I live on
Australia’s when?

It will come …
Will my heart see it?
My head?

Enough of questions
My heart is happy
Knowing it will happen

My head?
That is not my heart
It judges

Too late for some
Too early for others

While my eyes remain
On workers
As workers

On struggle
As class struggle

On hope
There is ‘clear blue sky above the wall,
and sunlight everywhere’

A world to come
Of all evil

Happy, happy heart
Happy, happy head
Head, heart part
Of one body, united
I am whole

Dreaming of when
Workers no longer rule
Their state dies

For us to live
That is what we give
People, people, people

Not profit
But people
First second and third

In our world
That lives, and breathes
Au naturel

For people
Of people
By people
Our world is coming