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Cracked the record

June 8, 2018 - 13:08 -- Admin

On an 12 kay round trip on the BYB I had to attempt to put the chain on 18 times. Sometimes it worked straight off, other times it took two or three goes. The teeth on the sprocket look worn; I suspect it's just physics and me wearing parts of a machine before its time—just like my real life body only I was assembled with less care than a three wheeled bicycle in a Chinese factory. I admit I raged at the bike and kicked it at least twice. I can't squat without effort and my stomach gets in the way when trying to get the chain back on. It's like a challenge from fucking Survivor but for sub-Davids; the ones that struggle to do basic things like put on short shorts without falling over (so many near falls putting on short shorts). It threatened rain and because I gave up multiple times the battery ran super low and turned off up hill so there was some pushing ... then I'd get the shits, put the chain on, ride it perhaps a dozen metres and it would fall off again. The chain was off for more times than it was on. Incredibly it stayed on after the last time when I got home. I achieved my mission though, to get an industrial strength micro-USB to USB cable because all the ones I've had have died—at least six cables failed through normal use. And it's because I bought cheap pieces of shit whose ability to flex and not break internally was low.This cable has got a wiry metal like casing; I have much hope for it.,Because the last thing I want to do is go back to return a fucking cable on a bicycle that's also intermittently failing. Technology; I don't think cave peeps ever chucked a spack and yelled "THIS FLINT IS A PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT AND I AM GOING TO PUNISH IT IN FRONT OF ALL THE OTHER FLINTS SO THEY KNOW NOT TO FUCK WITH ME."