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June 11, 2018 - 13:32 -- Admin

Trump rips up papers when he's done with them despite being legally responsible for their physical care.The actual government's solution is assigning resources to literally tape the paper back together.The recent G7 fiasco will be seen through his toddler eyes as a triumph because the news was all about Trump. The attention was on him and if it's bad attention it plays well to the other fucking toddlers who love him.He is governing like TV Trump did; my way or the highway, you're fired!He does not give a fuck about MOG (machinery of government) unless he gets press for fucking it by chucking rocks, gravy, small birds and a life-size plastic Christmas reindeer into it just for the delight of the yummy sparks and smoke and chunks spinning or falling off it.He's not mentally ill; he has been like this his entire life. This existence of government is only useful if it applies to him and he can bend it to his will even if he rips cracks through the foundations of institutions like the EPA.For technocrats who actually do government Trump is akin to Lucifer knocking the God triptych from their throne then laying a turd on it like a public poo jogger.There is a fat layer of actual government that exists in all countries that inter-link and liaise to get things done together no matter the political storms that weather them from above. And when their political shit gets epic it's all they can do to say sorry and let's batten hatches until this storm has passed. I can only imagine what it is like to be a US senior GS and talk to their allies with sorrow in their eyes for an orange man child who thinks stopping government working is a moral good.It's been 500 days of "All Trump, All the Time". If a Democrat had acted this way they'd have been rolled via impeachment at day 50 as the legislative white bodies fought the infection when all the house Democrats would have sided with the GOP to dethrone this loon ASAP.Having seen the treatment of Obama where any minor glitch was blown into a gale of bottom storm by the GOP their acquiescence to the severe governmental harm committed by Trump is ethical treason. In Oz we went through five leaders in nearly as many years because of both politics and perception of failure. Trump wouldn't have made it out of the Yarralumla driveway of Government House before he got knifed had it been us.Big ups to the actual government GS that run the MOG in the US; you have our deepest sympathies.