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Distracted by a sexy blob man

June 11, 2018 - 17:58 -- Admin

I have multi-focal lenses but they struggle to turn some things into what they should be at a distance and my vision is skewed.I nearly stacked the trike onto the road when I rode off the path because I was so distracted by the older man's face of two men walking because my brain registered his head as a faceless pink blob.I realised how close I came to stacking it when the three wheels connecting to ground went to two I had to throw my weight to counter the angle of the slope. It was like an '80s ad of "man distracted by a sexy lady in or with product X and hurts himself" only it wasn't a sexy lady; it was a blob man.My lenses are also smudged. That probably added to it.I regained control and got the trike home. But that blob man is out there, man, it's out there. That's our new reality and we just have to deal with it.