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Three in the morning thanks the pen – a poem

July 3, 2018 - 05:18 -- Admin

Chocolate and tea at 3

In the morning

Does not help

Facebook news

Does not help

Maybe the sleep that cannot be



But the mind is tight

From yesterday’s struggles

Bureaucracy wins

All the time

Over heart, and mind

The two things it does not have


But I do

I do,

A marriage of the two

Too much

Enough! Enough!

Is never enough

To banish the fluff

That becomes the clasp

The grasping hand

Of defeat



That is not the question

But it is

And the answer is

I do not know

It is too early for the morn

And too late

For the mourning

Too early for the past

Too late for the last


Let me then return

To my chocolate and high tea

Some comfort

For me, at least

Until the beast

Rides again

When long ago becomes tonight


I cannot fight

Just now

Maybe the blanket waves

Will capture me




What day is this

When the sun is hidden

Hiding in its driven place

No space

Only the dark

The carrow calls

But that was yesterday

The sober way

Is now

Maybe that is why

Bed beckons

And thanks the pen


John Passant 3 July 2018