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Red Alert, Hollywood style

September 19, 2014 - 12:27 -- Admin

So we have a counter terrorism raid with over 800 police bursting into homes in Sydney, Brisbane and Logan, hovering helicopters, 15 arrested and detained, four charged. Oh, and the media were duly recruited and the major mainstream TV outlets supplied with footage of the commando-style operations, filmed and supplied by the police themselves. The police also helpfully supplied still shots of the action to the newspapers.


In this terror drama terrorist sympathisers in Australia were foiled plotting "an extravaganza of brutality" and this indicates the existential threat of “home-grown terrorism", the “enemies within”. Why, even Australia’s half a million Muslims are not “fitting in”, and their very presence is a threat to social cohesion. There is angst about Muslim incompatibility with “Western/Australian values”. Islamaphobia is being stirred by the shock jocks on talk back radio.

The problem with this terror spectacle is that we don’t actually know the details of the evidence against those arrested. It is all wrapped in the shroud of counter-terrorism. No But the message is loud and clear--- Australia's national security is threatened big time.

It's time for the Australian public to be alarmed and alert, for Australia to have a homeland security-type portfolio, and for all the anti-terrorism legislation to be passed asap. The terror theatrics justifies Australia's involvement in the 3rd Iraq War.