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How the EU could change the world through Data Asylum

April 20, 2018 - 05:42 -- Admin

Here's an interesting though experiment.

The EU's new data privacy law is just about to come into effect (May 25th).

That law makes it very hard for Facebook and other services to collect data on individuals because it has a very high privacy standard.

That's a problem for Facebook and many other Internet companies. 

Facebook, and other tech companies, set up a fake International Head Quarters in Ireland to avoid paying US taxes.

However, since Ireland is part of the EU, all two billion plus Facebook users now fall under the EU's new data protection law (GDPR). 

Facebook is now feverishly working on ways to legally transfer global users outside of the EU back to the US (the major region with the least protection for privacy) while maintaining the tax haven in Ireland.  

This vulnerability points to an opportunity for the EU to radically change the world.  

What if the EU offered to extend coverage under their new data privacy/protection law (GDPR) to anyone who requested it, no matter where they lived?    

Think of it as data asylum

It would cost the EU nothing to implement (in fact, just the opposite, it could net them lots of $$ in fines). 

It would also be easy to implement. 

All that is needed is a provision that any big Internet company doing business in the EU would be required to offer the EU's end user license agreement (EULA) as an option for all accounts, no matter where they lived. 

PS:  Or, it might be possible to get the same effect by switching your country of origin/location in Facebook and Twitter to Germany..