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Lost Kinship

May 11, 2018 - 01:30 -- Admin

I did a long interview with Jack Murphy and Ian Scotto for SOFRep Radio earlier this week (the first 45 m or so prominently features my staccato/machine/Boydian gun style of thinking/speaking).

We talked about many of the topics I'm currently writing about in greater detail with The Global Guerrillas Report.  Topics such as China's tyrannical social credit system, open source political parties (they have already rolled the Republican party and they are about to do it to the Dems), how moral warfare works online (shaming and naming, etc.), and modern Tribalization.

In the last segment, we touched on something I haven't written much about yet: the potential for widespread civil conflict in the US and how that impacts our thinking on resilience.

Why so pessimistic? It's becoming clear that the US doesn't have a shared narrative anymore. A narrative, combined with rituals and traditions, that provides us with us the basis of fictive kinship.

  • A kinship, not based on DNA, that allows us to trust each other rather than as strangers/enemies.
  • A shared understanding of moral and ethical conduct (the soft elements that make it possible for a legal and regulatory system to work).
  • An understanding that we are better off together than apart.

Where did our fictive kinship go?

We killed it. We didn't alter it, adapt it, or evolve it.  We strangled it and the rising sociopolitical incoherence we are seeing is the result.

The big question is whether we can survive the future without it? I suspect the answer to that is more no than yes.  If that's true, it makes civil collapse a very viable future.


John Robb

PS: I'll be writing about the potential for civil conflict in the US and how that impacts our thinking on resilience in a future Global Guerrillas Report.