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Moral Warfare: Packetizing Shame

April 18, 2018 - 03:16 -- Admin

How does the open source moral network -- the combo of the #resistance, #metoo and #neveragain -- turn lists of violators into something people can easily digest and act upon? 

An online system that can work at scale?

I just saw something published on Twitter that moves this closer to reality. 

It takes quotes that Brexit supporters have made on Twitter and attaches it to their pictures.  Here's the result:

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These "tombstones" are a pretty effective way to publish shame.  In this case, speech violations, although it could be a pic of a gun owner or #me too violation.  Here's how this could work at scale:

  • Tombstone is published.  A blockchain?  
  • Tombstone is verified/rated by the network.
  • Facial recognition (or the network) is used to ID the perpetrators.  Or, people are IDed on the fly via smart phone or CCTV.

What happens when a person is IDed in a fully realized system like this?  They are shunned - unemployed, disconnected, ostracized, etc.   

Fast, dynamic, and at scale.