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The End of the Line

September 4, 2018 - 22:15 -- Admin

Climate Change may well be the end of the line. Who knew that the collapse of civilized vlaues, particularly those related to epistemology, would be the precursor of the collapse of life as we know it on Earth?

Much like Galileo’s interaction with the doctors of the Church, the Federal Government, once called a coalition of Liberal and Country parties, have cast science aside. Apparently they will not look at evidence. Interestingly, it proposed that churchs were in effect astromical observatories. For reasons of stupid expediency – and I wonder about that innocence, which otherwise would be clear criminal negligence – any attempt to frame a national energy policy with emissions reduction and water policy is to be confounded with venial distractions. Withdrwing fossil fuels and their pollution is naturally not easy matter for fossil fuel corporations to swallow – and it seems they have decisive political influence.

It is depressing to reflect on the political process, in which policy is at best secondary. I suggest it necessary to address the Constition, in particular democratizing the referenda process. Why do marginal senators, with tirvial persaon supprt just an influence? Oh that is the nexus. In turn that is why Federal Divisions are progressively incrasing in size, so that they effectively begin too large for a single member. Of course, multi-member elections would introduce a whole new ball game and end marginal seat campaigning. Of course, the electorate do not have the wit to understand any of this, so that political donations to political parties -perhaps from fossil fuel companies – go unaccounted for.

My hypothesis is that external, unaccountable funding is the death of political parties, who cease to democratic political actors, but the charatans of special interests. The Demos have sharper perceptions about these matters than their bettors are prepared to credit. Why not then become a bitch and bully storefront? Propaganda will be both salve and lead to succuess in meaningless elections. Elections destined to be a contrived fraca of division, rather than constructive policy with common cause.

All of us must die, to quote the cliche and a truth that is not fake news.Some of us are given a prognosis. That is we get time to prepare. Of course, we may die in the meantime – just to stuff up the timeline and the strategic horizon. Now this has happened to me, I think this is a tremendous advantage – tough luck about the mental deterioation that accompanies the final exit. I would prefer to consscious to the end. Who knows whether it will be a journey of discovery or simply a carcass of irrelevant, inert mortal remains destined for pollution, that sidestepped the worst ramifications of climate change, not to mention the trails of the nursing home.

One thing that I have learnt to my surprise is that our moral obligations to others extends beyond our lifespan. This is brought home to me when I discuss what is happening at school with my seven year old neighbour. He teaches me about jump strategies and discusses onomatopoeia. I did not ask Herbie to spell it because I couldn’t. He assures me that wow! is not in the category. What kind of world does he live in?

One of my most important duties is to take the bow wows out. Fortunately, we have been blessed with rain, which perversely keeps to the coast, and which gives an excuse not to go. The other thing was I fell over. My feet got caught in vines. I hurt my chest – more cause for whingeing, self-oncern, and depression about the political game. Anyway, you don’t always get to look up at the sky, and it was unplanned. The dogs do take notice and do comprehend what is going on, despite appearances. I wonder how to prepare Hannah for my absence, if I predecease her.

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And the Travelling Wilburys – interesting role played by George Harrison: