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Dog Blog Revival

July 27, 2018 - 23:41 -- Admin

The significant other who tells it like it is, informs me that the photos of the dogs on their walk were repetitive. However, I have been pretty crook lately, and could not take them out – entirely due to my own doing I believe. So rather than to be overcome by negative feedback loops, and perhaps contrary to sound medical advice, I took Dexter and Hannah out today.

The dogs spent extra time exploring every smell they came across.  Just before I entered the bush I did experience a very positive feeling. I do not have the reference but there is the suggestion that been among the trees does have a calming effect.

So here are the photos, sequenced serially and indiscriminately:

I could not remember how to do this. Now that Picasa is mostly a deadletter I could not add music to video.

Recnt events may give occasion to remember more distant events, via Mark Knopfler performing “Done with Bonaparte”:

Went to the hospital today. I am not sure that the doctor was listening to my hypothesis about my condition. Nonetheless the outcome was more blood tests and scans.