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Things from the future past

March 29, 2019 - 06:50 -- Admin

I've been working with Jason Lambright and Dirk de Jager on the next AoT novel and recently had them give some thinking time over to what sort of uptime tech might get quickly adapted and pushed out to the military by the mid 1950s.

I've also been thinking about consumer tech, but that's a different area.

Below is a far from comprehensive list of Dirk and Jason"s goodie bag:

Gerber multitoolZip tiesPermethrin (An insecticide and medicated ointment for treating nasty inset bites)Blood type ID patchesBaby WipesIZLID (laser designator)The metric system! (But not in the US, of course, unless Kolhammer gets his way via some diabolical Quiet Room project).Improved First Aid Kits, training, the concept of "the golden hour"Medevac, casevacQuick Clot powder, Combat gauze (jam into wounds)Combat Application TourniquetIsraeli pressure bandageZodiac boatsSuppressed weaponsKatadyn water filtersV-40 grenade (with reliable fuse)Night vision goggles. (Curious to see just how far those would advance in ten years, given the very obvious advantages to whichever side got the lead).Flameless ration heatersThermalsJungle Boots, Vietnam style (current issue)Glow sticksGPS navigation tools (Again, this is one, as we've seen in out TL, with massive civilian commercial applications. I suspect it would advance very quickly, along with satellite tech in general)Black Hornet PD-100 mini recon droneImproved maps, NVG readableImproved socks, dacron mix, silver threadNicotine gum with vitamin CDextrose energy tablets, mixesPower inverters for rough field power sourcesMini solar panelsWind up propaganda radios, mini, air-droppable, tuned to VOAJTLVArmored glass for vehiclesSlat armor, Hesco basket meshHesco basketsSawzall, battery poweredRPO-A-SHMEL "Bumblebee" RPG Flamethrower (M202)Water powered field generatorFolding rubber cupsMP-5kFLIR