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Therapy for trauma is traumatic

May 17, 2019 - 15:54 -- Admin

It's an oroborus that; that being treated for trauma with therapy is traumatic You have to re-live the upset and it makes you upset.The first 24 hours after a therapy session is when you're the most rubbery. For me the way I staved off thinking about it was to idly pick my face scar until I carved a furrow through it. I went at it for six hours before I put the cream on. Then with that mindless, meditative self-harm ended all that fucking trauma washed over me. I cried with angry hurt at being thugged over by those who owed me care; because to be hurt by someone that should help you magnifies it. And I don't have the mind numbing solace of raging at my face to stop thinking about it. Life. Don't talk to me about life.