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Foot rob

July 19, 2019 - 14:42 -- Admin

I have flat feet. For the most part they work like normal feet but they tire after not much and I have to take care when bare on a slippery surface because I will slip.Last night the left one cramped. I'd had fatigue pain before---wearing flat shoes inspires much pain---but this was something else. I couldn't bear weight on it and was forced to hop about on the other not great one. It took an hour of rest 'fore I could stand again. The day after afterglow is not great either. The one "sliver" lining was the spasming foot caused a hang nail to pop up and I could de-ingown the nail without intervention.Middle-age is when your body starts going but what shits me is that rip cord pulled pre-birth. I've had to cope with reduced functionality twinned with an apparent lazy facade (fat c___; it's a nice day, why aren't you outside?; you're on the floor again) my entire life. So to cop normal aging on an already fucked body is a double helping of fucked. I was rooted before birth then got rooted in life. Now again in mid-life. So I'm aggrieved; aggrieved for this life led and for the one that was stole.I could have accepted this as "stuff happens" but I got bullied for it by people who got off on it.I never really had faith though I was raised Christian. Part of me admires those who feel there is magic and the divine because it makes acceptance of rando shit possible.But I don't have it; I am meek but my reward lies not on the other side. This is it, all there is, and I is grumpy cat at my body and the judgement it received.Here endeth the lesson.