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A courageous choice

August 24, 2019 - 14:42 -- Admin

With thanks to Yes Minister.I have PTSD with large motes of depression, anxiety and OCPD, and one of the many wonderful ticks is revving on past hurt. Needing to fill the silence with sound to stop that I went to to stream content to discover that the trial had ended and it was time to nut up and confirm the package. That required a password.I have PTSD. The remote is so small you could arse-conceal it without too much issue----and without even Googling for that I just know there are people who have gone to casualty with a streaming remote up themselves---and trembling hands from that condition and meds for that condition make using such things for password entry---with their line item alphabet and numbers selection---deeply frustrating. I was creeping forward along the sequence with numerous false starts and corrections and laughing maniacally at the absurdity of creeping claims against my damage making a normal person job a courageous Kirk roll equivalent. I gave up after one attempt.Then I wrote this as a fuck you to that.(Awkwardly fumbles for mic with intent to lift to head height and drop and drops it one third up, stands there a moment to absorb the effort has failed then meekly backs into dark).