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March 2, 2019 - 23:09 -- Admin

I was discharged from hospital two days ago. I enjoyed the experience, or I became institutionalized very quickly. They fed you, and even make your bed. They do not let you go, if they are any question marks over your health, for example higher than the norm blood potassium readings.

I had a surgical procedure, but I was very impressed with the obvious excellence of the St George Public Hospital in that department.  It is likely that I will have to go back for more, although I hope they do not put a stent in me as proposed.

I feel very fortunate and undeserving, and I hope that treatment is continued for all people regardless.

In the meantime, I am not able to take Dexter and Hannah out for a walk. I will have to wait for things to work out.

Postscript: 04/05/19

As required, I went to Wollongong Hospital to get a tap to remove the excess fluid in the cavitity of my abdomen. The very competent nurse who attended me came from Tokyo and the doctor was from Hanoi. I could not but reflect that those two places were subject to indiscriminate bombing by our allies the Americans, and here I am receiving very good medical care from them.