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Tool used

October 9, 2019 - 18:51 -- Admin

Tools and I don't get on, especially after onset of PTSD because in addition the hand shake is that you drop stuff when your fingers spring open.At school I was banned from tool use because I had to wear sneakers. I got sent to clean industrial sinks of industrial muck.So we don't get on and I get my partner to do that shit at home 'cos she can and has a knack for it.Today I had to bust my no tool use cherry and armed with a drill unscrewed multiple goods. Of course Iforgot to hold on to the first couple and they spun as much as the bolts I was unscrewing did.But I got to the end of it, cleaned up and without suffering a tool-based injury which is more likely for a damaged cat like me.They say tool use is an indicator of species' intelligence. Here's hoping the aliens do not choose me to test 'cos they will have picked a super dud.My arse is fine, though. They'd enjoy probing that. I wouldn't ... and frankly to be asked by our soon to be alien overlords to probe my own arse seems to be a bit much.