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ET groan home

March 10, 2020 - 13:49 -- Admin

Like many Oz kids of the '80s I watched and adored ET: the Extra-Terrestial; I'd have taken a bullet for that little guy. But I call bullshit on the ease of pedaling him about blanket swaddled in the front basket of a pushie.I'd gone on a shop and slotted the spoils in the back box on the bike which instantly tilted like a giant bucket at a water park and dropped my freezer bag of naughty on the ground. So into the front basket the bag went.Now I get I am about three Elliots in mass and my bike is for an adult but that shopping was an ET's worth, or half an Elliot, and it threw balance off almost instantly. I front wheel wobbled dangerously as I got to grips with it all and it took a fair while to adjust to a wrong weight in a wrong spot.As for all those acrobatics with the ET on board then physics says no---irrespective of that later magical against the moon flight of bikes when the healing alien used mass telekinesis to escape the plods.Anyway, an actual proper dense alien in the front basket of a pushie says stay home to me and let it fuck off under its own mind power instead of putting me at risk with awkward front placement.And now I want some Reese's Pieces; stupid movie.