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I went riding in my short shorts

March 26, 2020 - 18:28 -- Admin

I went riding in my short shorts—only as a fat, bearded and balding middle-aged man that was not sexy; it's sordid. On that ride in the short shorts I initially went along the pathways presuming that people I'd meet would step off the path six feet for social distance to allow me to speed through. No. That did not happen. Not once. It was as if this COVID shit wasn't happening. I later read an article that said even if you speed through a sneeze cloud it's still going to get on you. So running or riding is no resistance. I went out today, this time in deeply normal pants that have no sexiness about them. I stuck to the road for the most part, since you can cycle away from people on the path, but I still had to go onto the pathways for going under bridges and shit. Since no one was going to socially distance on the path I was forced to abruptly turn and ride up slopes on grass to escape them; it was like BMX Bandits meets a lurcher. Thanks to the bike being an electric assist my failing knees and other assorted yuck was still able to do things like madly ride up a grassy slope and away from that proto-zombie with a deep and abiding love of standing astride grass bordered thoroughfares.I was mandated for 15 minutes outside for Vitamin D and it was a most-excellent day. I did a touch more then furtled back. I didn't like being away from the compound.It's movie shit we're living through. Here's hoping if we figuratively lick this fucker (no actual licking) then we'll agree on climate change and environmental repair.What's the bet the next shitty thing is an AI kicking off, Skynet style?. We've had fire, hail and plague. To top that list we need a human-caused nasty; a kick for our hubris we could ignore perils at will.Probs save us all.