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Social distancing and hard rubbish

March 31, 2020 - 09:25 -- Admin

There was a change over the past two days; social distancing is now embedded. A jogger ran a wide berth around my bike. There are less people out.I dropped my chain going into scrub to avoid someone who was already off the path; I had to glide home.The grass is long, like post-civ long, and the feathery tendrils droop over the path to brush your legs as you glide down.People trapped at home are clearly doing some jobs. Because I presume getting to the tip is harder then hard rubbish is appearing by the sides of roads---there's a tall bureau with its doors off but stacked against it looking like an Easter Island statue behind my house and I've seen dumped car seats, mattresses and an entire trolley packed with plastic crap on its side like a holed battleship.It's these odd moments that colour the virus, how it ripples out to distort life as we fight to kill something that is not alive.Probs save us all.