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There are no good no hair days

April 7, 2020 - 17:34 -- Admin

It occurred to me when I praised someone for having a great hair day that those with no hair are basically status normal or it's shit. If you're balding then you're balding; there's no magical way to make that better; even a high polish would be met with suspicion not praise ("Why can I see me on your head?").The good hair people, or people with hair, get to have those good days—and bad, but their bad is never as bad as balding.Unless their hair catches fire. For the balding it's a pat, pat and you're done—there's no having to drop and roll for the skin of head.There are bad no hair days, though, like when it's raining hard and you don't have a hat. It's uncomfortable and a reminder that rain is the tears of a laughing God who cries long amuse at your follicle defile.