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I have a few questions for you

December 15, 2016 - 16:29 -- Admin

Do you think corruption in politics can be addressed by a new political party, one specifically designed to deal with the problem?

Is corruption in politics inevitable? Is it the inevitable consequence of adult behaviour?

Is it true that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely? Is this a cliché, with some truth to it? Is Queen Elizabeth II corrupt? Is the Pope corrupt? Is the UN Security Council corrupt?

Are you prepared to continue to vote for political parties that are occasionally tainted with corruption, or with members who are accused of corruption?

Would you vote for a political party that dealt severely with elected members found guilty of corrupt behaviour?

Do you think political parties might be influenced by donations they receive from big corporations?

Is it reasonable that corporations that legally manage to pay no tax in Australia should receive subsidies from the Australian government? On what grounds?

Are you satisfied that the continuing sale of public assets is the right thing to do? What assets, if any, should governments and taxpayers retain?

Do you believe in trickle down economic theory? Why, or why not?

Would you work as a volunteer to raise funds locally for a local candidate to avoid the obligation that might come with a corporate donation to your party?

Should replacement Senators be nominated by their party or should they be elected by voters?

Should the most senior party officials decide who can represent the party in parliament?

Should all candidates for parliaments, State and federal, be local people, chosen by local party members, free of interference from State and federal executive members?

Would you like to have a say in what policies a party should pursue and implement? Should this be left to career politicians and party executives to determine?

Should parties, politicians or candidates be obliged to keep their promises?

Should there be severe penalties (like loss of seat) for an elected parliamentarian who deliberately lies to mislead voters?

How should a candidate or an elected politician who deceives his or her party be dealt with?

Is it reasonable that a party in government should favour one sector over another?

Do you believe that balanced government is a necessity, or that balance over time is a reasonable alternative?

What area of policy is most vital to Australia’s future?

Do you believe the original Australians, the indigenous Aboriginals, should be treated equally, without further delay, and uplifted to the utmost of their abilities?

Are you satisfied with the treatment and assistance provided to Australian Aboriginal communities to this point?

Should Australia continue to rely on the USA as a major defence partner? Can you outline an alternative approach?

Switzerland has a long-standing reputation as an independent, unaligned nation. Can you see a role like that for Australia in the Pacific and near-Asian region?

Do you think a centrally based political party, favouring neither traditional labour nor traditional capital sectors, could have a role in providing stable, progressive and balanced governance in Australia?

Do you see issues such as those outlined above progressive, forward thinking and balanced, or “populist”?

Do you think the term “populist” might used in the pejorative, to denigrate popular or challenging ideas?

Are you prepared to work for a new political party that would implement the basic philosophy outlined above?

Would you like to participate in trouble-shooting and fleshing out some of these ideas into actual policies?

What is the greatest threat facing the attempted formation of a new progressive political party today?

What is the first step in forming such a party?