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The ghost of Kenny Rogers

May 4, 2020 - 13:21 -- Admin

In the nation's capital during COVID-19 the government has mandated 30 minutes of daily outside exercise—well, they've said if you're doing it then just do 30 minutes to reduce exposure. So on nice days I've been barrelling out on the electric pushie and drinking in the bliss that is outside Canberra.I am not the only one and the paths are replete with vehicle and animal types: prams, bikes, pedestrians, dog/s and so on. At first I rode well off the path to avoid. Now I just stick to the edge as hopefully as do they unless they are path dominant; my way or the fuck off and die from illness way. Then you get the surprise pop outs like someone who shoots past at speed or bursts forth from the dark under a bridge while passing someone else.And that was the ghost of Kenny Rogers only in a form fitted black athletic suit with helmet and standing atop an electric scooter.It scared me; he took a gamble that I'd see him and he nearly lost. Earlier I'd disturbed a pair of bank robbers under a different bridge. with rolled-up knitwear balaclavas, wrap around shades, gloves and their pushbikes. Of course likely not bank robbers but that's how they were dressed; if they don't want to be thought of as bank robbers then don't dress like them I say.Or have a sack with the dollar signs on it. Canberra, we love our paths. I just wish peeps would take care with the social distancing; residents and phantoms alike.