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I had my first experience of masking up on the weekend.

July 13, 2020 - 10:07 -- Admin

A little context for overseas readers; outside of Victoria which is having a second wave of infections right now, the rona was never widespread enough to mandate general mask wearing Downunder. That’ll probably change over the next couple of weeks, but there is one place where it's compulsory in Australia. The Apple Store.

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I had to make a Genius Bar appointment on Saturday to get my AirPods Pro looked at because the right pod was a bit of a mess – crackling and buzzing and not really noise cancelling anymore. Long story short, they replaced the pod. Simple solution. Thanks Tim Apple.

However, anybody who's tried to walk into an Apple Store in the last couple of months will know that it's not at all simple. They don't encourage drop in visits. You need to go through a temperature check and answer a bunch of questions about possible viral exposure before joining a queue outside the store. They hand you the mask as you walk in.

Mine smelt like potato chips, which I appreciated. I wouldn’t say that it was an unbearable imposition. Probably somewhere on the wrong side of 'mildly uncomfortable' after a couple of minutes. And I did struggle with the urge to keep pulling the mask down whenever I spoke to the consultant.

I asked her how she was coping with the requirements, because she'd been living with them for months. She said it wasn't much fun, but what you gonna do.

Indeed. What are any of us going to do until a vaccine is ready or the virus has had its way with so many of us that the promised herd immunity kicks in. Just wear the damn mask, I guess.