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A hand grenade tossed into the foundations of my day.

September 24, 2020 - 20:20 -- Admin

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I don't know how you normal people do it. I don't have any management responsibilities. I don't have any co-workers. I am the master of my working domain. That should mean that I control everything, and yet…

I've been refining my workflow for years.

It never ends.

I recently came up with this new blueprint from my working day that involved dividing it into three parts. A four-hour concentrated writing binge at the start of the day, focused entirely on whatever my primary project of the moment might be. Usually a novel. Right now, The World War 3.1 manuscript.

Then I take my lunch, and maybe do a quick workout.

I follow that with two hours on my secondary project, usually whatever other novel I'm getting ready to lean into.

Then, around 4PM, a fifteen minute break for a cup of coffee and some chocolate or cheese or whatever.

And an hour or so at the end of the day for admin, blogging, blue sky mining, etc.

I have learned not to work at night.

To be honest, it all comes together pretty well. It's the first really reliable, replicable and productive routine that I've come up with. And then, I have days like today.

I had just dropped Jane off to work this morning and was heading home to get into my first four-hour writing session when the phone rang in the car and I suddenly had to turn around and drive across the city and do some tech support for a family member.

To be honest, it didn't take that long. But that one interruption was like a hand grenade tossed into the foundations of my day. It just blew everything else away.

I write this knowing that most days I have the rare privilege of doing exactly whatever the hell I feel like. As I said, I have no managers breathing down my neck, no co-workers constantly interrupting me. It's just me. And days like today make me wonder how in the hell the rest of you manage to get anything done.