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A startling cat ditty

September 27, 2020 - 08:59 -- Admin

I have a deeply ingrained habit of singing nonsense; yes, that does make sense. I'm oft seated with tablet in play musically burbling like a happy chicken as they dance upon morning grass.

For some reason my auto brain decided it was a duet with my cat and since can't sing I subbed for her.

"MEW, MEW, MEW, MEW-MEW, MEW-MEW, MEW" I sang-yelled lustily in cat mode freaking out anyone near in our small house.

There were recriminations, which is fair because I'm the one with susceptibility to sudden or loud noise and I'd just inflicted both. 

The cat also demands we invest in precious metals; "MEW! You need to buy into rare earth minerals as they're vital to emergant technology, MEW!"

She's likely not wrong; she was right about gold.

Cats; always offering advice but there's no risk for them. If they're wrong they still get to lick their own arseholes as they laze in the sun.