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No Richard Burton!

September 29, 2020 - 16:40 -- Admin

There is only one day of the week I am allowed to do Richard Burton impressions and that day is Wednesday, or Woden's Day, named for the one-eyed god, who, let's face it, was a bit shit given he only had one eye—what kind of greater god cannot regenerate an eye? 

Think about it, Norse Mythology. And I can hear there's a couple of giggling Gerties down the back. Enough of that, please. 

I'm three sheets to the wind, which, as I recall, is a a fair number of sheets. 

Anyway I was practicing a bit of the Dick B in the corridor, the spinal connective house-bone that links all places of the house, when I got heard practicing for the morrow and a bellow came forth reminding me the rule held fast. 

It's been like forever since it happened and he was fully onto it in like seconds when I did a stage whisper as Richard Burton aka Dick Burton—he used Dick like Dick Nixon—got shut down by management

One day the workers will rise up against our oppressors ... with their music.Aye, comrades? Aye?