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Guide to the Western Australian state election

February 11, 2021 - 12:30 -- Admin

The summer break is over for the Tally Room, and I’m back with a big new project: the guide to the 2021 Western Australian state election is now complete.

This state election is scheduled for Saturday March 13, and will see the first-term McGowan Labor government facing re-election with a massive majority achieved in 2017.

The guide features profiles of all 59 Legislative Assembly electorates as well as the six Legislative Council regions. Each profile features maps showing results from the 2017 election, the history of the electorate, a description of the seat’s geography and how that has changed, and a list of candidates (which will continue to grow until nominations close).

You can navigate to individual electorates through the pendulum, through alphabetical lists of seats across the state or divided up between regions, or by clicking through on this map, which also appears on the front page of the guide:

Here are links to the profiles of the six Legislative Council regions:

Please let me know if you find any errors. By default pages have comments turned off. Most should be turned on, but if you find a seat with comments turned off, get in touch.

Nominations will close on Friday, and I will do a final update of candidates after that information is released. If you want to ensure that someone has a link on the candidate list, send it to me before nominations close. I will only post links to a specific individual candidate page (Facebook pages can be used). I will try to grab all the links from the bigger parties’ websites but some party websites don’t provide individual links. Once I do the final update after nominations close I won’t be making any more changes to the candidate list.

That’s it for today. I will return with more blog posts about the WA state election in the lead-up to election day, and I’m also planning some new podcast episodes.