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Morrison, Porter and endemic lying

March 4, 2021 - 08:37 -- Admin

During his press conference held in response to the rape allegations, Attorney General Christian Porter said “I am personally struggling to wrap my head around….why I have never been contacted by anyone…. No journalist has ever put the allegations to me”. This quote was put out as a tweet by Laura Jayes of Murdoch’s Sky News Australia1. It immediately drew ripostes from legendary journalist Margo Kingston (of NoFibs), who said “calls not returned so they couldn’t be put. Bad mover by Porter”2. Kangaroo Court of Australia, which was the first source I saw which named Porter on March 2, also responded “Alleged rapist Christian Porter caught lying at press conference. He said no journalist put rape allegations to him requesting a response. Email in this article sent on the 1/3/21 asking for a response to rape allegations”3,4. Kate McClymont replied; “So did the SMH [Sydney Morning Herald] – as recently as yesterday [March 2]5. 3AW shock jock, Neil Mitchell, also replied “We tried. Left messages with staff. Calls not returned”5.

Porter also claimed that the Four Corners television journalists didn’t contact him prior to screening ‘Inside the Canberra Bubble’ which was telecast late last year. He reportedly said: “The journalist, Louise Milligan, never contacted me or my office, despite my awareness that for many months she has been directly contacting friends, former colleagues, former students—even old school friends from the mid 1980s—asking for rumours and negative comments about me”. However, he later retracted that statement and conceded that the Four Corners team did contact his office on multiple occasions.7  Will his statement that nobody ever contacted him about this rape allegation also be retracted?

A letter, which was sent by friends of the victim of the alleged rape, to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and Senator Penny Wong details the allegations against Porter8. This document apparently runs to some 30 pages, and despite Morrison having received a copy directly, he has stated that he has not read it9. Porter has also said he has not read it10. Whether they have read it or not is a moot point because by saying that they have not, it allows them to simply state that the rape never happened, without actually addressing any of the detail. This, like not returning journalists’ calls, is so they can avoid having to answer any difficult or detailed questions from journalists, something at which Morrison is very adept. While I am disgusted by the lies, obfuscation and disingenuousness which is endemic among members of this government, it also disturbs me that so many supposed journalists are not astute enough to deal with such tactics, and are also gullible enough to believe what Morrison and Porter tell them.